TRIZ in Sarawak

TRIZ in Schools

TRIZ is now growing in use in Sarawak. Already, we have over one hundred Level 1 to Level 3 practitioners with participation from the industry, state government agencies and universities.

Regional activities are moving ahead using problem solving, leadership and youth development methodology. Moreover, schools started introducing TRIZ in their syllabus through the ‘Reka Bentuk dan Teknologi (RBT)’ subject that are taught in primary and secondary levels.

TRIZ practitioners and researchers in UNIMAS are actively trying to make TRIZ relevant in various fields, including ; information technology, biomedical and business.

While TRIZ in Sarawak is still at its early stage, the TRIZ community here is continuously trying to pursue the innovative problem solving methods to create a new possibilities.

Training Types

Professional Training
Leadership Training
Trainers Training
TRIZ for Managers
Youth Development Programs
TRIZ Borneo

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